Monday, January 24, 2011

Something Greater Than Myself

So as many of you know, this past Saturday the Epsilon Lambda colony of Alpha Sigma Tau became the Epsilon Lambda chapter. There aren't words to describe how absolutely wonderful this day was. It's so hard to explain in words how wonderful it made me feel. To be apart of something that is greater and bigger than anything I've ever done is a true honor. At the end of our meeting tonight I got a little choked up. The things that used to have little meaning now have a tremendous amount of meaning. It's not that I didn't believe the words or felt like they didn't mean anything, but they mean so much more to me now. It's so hard to put words to it. I love all of my sisters, those in my chapter and those not, so much. It was so wonderful to go through this experience with them and I think I can speak for all of them when I say it was a day we will never forget! :)